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We are a leading Manufacturer of maxhub 4k ptz camera 12x optical zoom c12hul from Indore, India.

Maxhub 4K PTZ Camera 12X Optical Zoom C12HUL

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Product Brochure
Digital Zoom16X
Pan Tilt ZoomPTZ
Warranty1 Year
Camera Resolution12 MP
ShapeMaxhub 4K PTZ
Focal Length Lens And Mount TypePTZ Camera Wall Mount
Camera TechnologyAnalog/wired
Digital Noise Reduction2D&3D Digital Noise Reduction

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

An overview of Maxhub 4k PTZ Camera

Maxhub 4K PTZ camera offers unique functionality and features suitable for various educational Domain like Coaching class, school and colleges for online, offline and hybrid teaching. It appears to excel in interactive flat panel video, whiteboard video, and other types of video shooting, making it highly recommended by renowned teachers and creators in India.

Features of Maxhub  4k PTZ Camera

let's talk about some of the features of a 4K PTZ camera, which really make you understand that why you should buy 4K PTZ camera as compared to other video camera or DSLR camera.

1.      High Resolution: Maxhub 4K PTZ Camera resolution provides four times the pixel density of Full HD, resulting in incredibly sharp and detailed videos. This level of clarity is especially beneficial for educational content, where visual quality matters. Also Maxhub 4K ptz camera gives your camera really best video quality in online teaching with digital board.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Functionality: Maxhub PTZ cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom remotely, allowing you to adjust the camera's view without physically moving it. This feature is ideal for capturing dynamic classroom activities or online teaching sessions with ease.

 Wide Field of View: PTZ cameras often have a wide-angle lens, enabling you to capture more of the classroom or teaching area, making it suitable for interactive lessons or demonstrations.

 Multiple scene option: The multiple scene creating option in the Maxhub 4K PTZ camera offers great flexibility for recording various scenarios during teaching or presentations. By assigning different scenes to specific buttons, such as recording the interactive panel (scene 1) or switching to the podium (scene 2), users can easily capture different perspectives without the need for manual adjustments.

This feature proves to be extremely beneficial in educational settings as it allows educators to seamlessly switch between recording modes, enhancing the overall content quality and providing a more engaging learning experience for students. Whether you need to focus on interactive content displayed on a panel or capture a speaker at the podium, the camera's ability to create and switch between multiple scenes simplifies the recording process and saves time during content creation.

Remote Control and Presets: With PTZ cameras, you can control the camera settings remotely, which is convenient during presentations or lectures. Additionally, you can set and recall presets for different camera angles, saving time and effort during recordings.

So there is no longer need of a camera man, teachers can now record on their own.

6.   Smooth and Silent Operation: PTZ cameras are designed for smooth and quiet movements, ensuring minimal distractions during filming.

Easy to use, best default setting option so that no need to change setting every time

Versatility: 4K PTZ cameras can be used in various scenarios, including online teaching, hybrid classes, webinars, and video conferencing, making them a versatile investment.

Enhanced Video Streaming: 4K video provides higher-quality streaming capabilities, resulting in   a better viewing experience for your audience during live sessions or on-demand videos.

  Integration and Control Options: PTZ cameras often come with integration options like IP control or RS-232, allowing you to integrate them into existing AV systems and control them with compatible devices.


Overall, the combination of high-resolution 4K video, PTZ functionality, and versatility makes 4K PTZ cameras a compelling choice for educators who want to produce top-quality.


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